Our Exclusive Client



This small stereo setup for hipsters, enables wireless sound transmission from any mobile
device. Full custom finish is available.
You receive here the most sophisticated circuitry for audiophile sound quality reproduction:
single-ended tube amp with japanese paper fullrange drivers.
This stereo setup has been created for your living room, bedroom or your private office.
The Superioro set is made of wood covered in any lacquer or veneer you would like to have.


This is our top, statement system in terms of sound and design.
It will fit in any home interior from Bauhaus to Art Deco.
Finished in stone matt white, which makes it both light and monumental. Other matt colours
are also possible (custom ordered).
This system is best suited for living-rooms >35 square meters.
Fi amp is capable of putting out 200Watts of power per chanel.
Full bandwidth loudspeakers are based on top drivers: japanese cellulose, alnico magnets.
Both speakers weight is 200kg.
With Wi & Fi wireless wi-fi or analog communication is possible, making off playing music
easy with any kind of your device.