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Wi is a force of nature, powerfull in form and beyond any imaginable scale.
This is our top statement loudspeaker model in terms of sound and design.
It will fit in any home interior from Bauhaus to Art Deco.

Our speakers’ wind shaped, monolitic shape make them look superb in any home decor. Their build philosophy is aimed towards best sonic performance.

This is two-way design based on specially developed drivers:
– japanese cellulose fullrange
– alnico powered 30cm woofer
Carefully selected components in the 5kg of weight crossover tune these drivers in perfect synergy.

Woofer enclosure is of semi-labirynth type, providing max deep and fast bass response. The widebander works in huge, closed cabinet. Entire structure is made of 5cm thick, sandwich walls and additionally, internally embraced.
Finished in stone matt white or other matt colour to suit your demands.

This lifestyle audiophle design will always shine in your room.



  • 2-way system (10cm fullrange, 30cm woofer)
  • Efficiency: 90dB
  • Nom/Max power: 120/200Watts
  • Frequency response: 28Hz – 22kHz
  • Dimensions: 155/16/66cm
  • Weight: 200/160kg (gross/net pair)