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Our SUPERIORO are based on super fullrange speaker, which has special paper membrane and very long linear excursion. This speaker gives rich bass and has very high efficiency.

We call it most innovative concept:
– elegant & modern in appeal,
– innovative design
– nicely priced,
– desktop / portable with hi-end drivers,

If you want to hear stereo sound in three-dimensional aura, then this is the speaker you have searched for.

Don’t they resamble scandinavian ergonomics and perfect japan design patterns? All this built with benchmark solutions developed by Eryk S Concept.

With SUPERIORO you get 100% custom ideas – just choose from our art gallery here

Don’t be fooled by the small look, because SUPERIORO uses top-tech fullrange speaker available today. The speaker covers whole music area with minimum linear distortion (40Hz-20kHz / -6dB)***. The 30Watts of music power and very high efficiency should be more then one can imagine from a box 11x28x28cm in size.

*** The speaker’s membrane is made from japanese cellulose, weighting only 1 gram – you get super fast response. Every detail hidden in the flow of music is fully projected even with loud impact if desired.

The Superioro is a rear bass-reflex design. Its cabinet has been additionally dampened with two types of acoustic materials.

After 20 years of research in home audio industry Eryk S strongly recommends choosing this path: ” Go simple & direct, but give each element perfect shape – that way only you will reveal all great effects stacked in music formula.”

music Power: 30Watts
impedance: 4 ohm
efficiency: 87dB
bandwidth: 40Hz – 24kHz
measurements (hight, width, depth): 28cm x 11cm x 28cm

weight: 6,5 kg