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Stereo Tube Amplifier

Small is beautiful. Super slim, elegant casing with glowing tubes on top.
All funcitons, including remote, bluetooth are here.
You also have jog volume knob to chagne sound sources and level.
What sounds also great on SUPERIOR amp are headphones.

We do strongly believe, that you never had a chance to expect, that 6Watts per channel are able to move your room’s furniture. Neither do we, but for sure our 6 Watts will make them shake now! That is why our newest tube amp has been given best name for its unique sound quality: SUPERIOR.

This amplifier surpasses great majority of other SE, class A designs in terms of power punch and beam-focused sound.
To build an elegant set match the SUPERIOR with our Superioro – one-cone fullrange loudspeakers. In the SUPERIOR tube amp all five tubes work in top notch class A mode and are of specially selected military grade (5000 hours durability, instead standard tube supposed to last for 1000 hours)!

The Superior is simple in everyday use in any room.
You can choose from any colour finish or even go for premium version made in ebony and white piano!

music power: 2 x 6Watts (>5% distortions)
bandwidth: 20Hz – 28kHz (-3dB)
power consumption: 65Watts
dimensions: 11,5cm x 28cm x 30cm
(W x H x D incl. speakers’ sockets)
weight: approx.: 8kg Net