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Digital Amplifier

The design concept behind DIGI is meant for everyday simple use. The elegant, subtle form based on high quality materials and ergonomic placement possibilities shall remain always in-style and eye appealing.

The DIGI is attached to solid C-shaped stand made of merbau wood with the help of four magnets connected with amplifier’s steel foots via soft pads. Additional resonance dampening has been further improved with amp’s internal cavity being filled with resin-sillicon compound.

The Digi gathers in synergy all in one: naturally formed materials to cnc/laser machined metal structures.
Simple maintenance and enjoyable touch’n’feel sense drives my Concept.

New pulse modulation pattern helps in much deeper micro-detail reproduction. This enables also higher soundstage resolution. Additionally high current peaks are available to cope well with the demand on massive bass impact.

The DIGI amplifier is equipped with all kinds of protection features in case of being shorted on speakers, power overloaded or thermally overdriven.


THD: 0,09% 1W
Music power: 60W 4ohm / 40W 8ohm
Power efficiency: 94%
– 2x8x14cm (amplifier alone with volume knob)
– 3,5x13x13cm (merbau C-stand)
Digital sound amplification mode.
Power/volume knob.
Plug’n’play amplifier (gold banana speaker plugs + mini jack input)