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Eryk S Performance Line is our entry level speakers for those, who love dynamic forms in super cars. Our Performance Line speaker combine design elements from most renowned supercars. Starting from the air scoop alias bass-reflec port on the rear, moving towards air grabber like shaped sides of the speaker. The front provides line angled geometry for better acoustical properties alias improved Cx aerodynamic factor for cars. All this combined with true carbon mid-woofers and wide angled fullrange speaker on top will bring you speed and accuracy only available with top car models.

16,5/45/45cm W/H/D

WEIGHT 15kg net

36Hz – 18kHz (-6dB)
bass-reflex 20L net volume
sandwich mdf structure: 40mm
internal bracing and rigid wood
bass-reflex tunnel


Desired by men & aprroved by women.
KETSUS’s appealing proportions embody a novatory design concept, lightness of form
and a dash of quiet extravagance.
KETSUS elegant loudspeakers slim box is equipped with five drivers aligned in unique
sound setup concept. The „L” shaped part is finished with veneer and main cabinet in
piano lacquer.
KETSUS loudspeakers has been created to satisfy aesthetics and music demands of both
man & woman.
Those loudspeakers have five drivers, two of them working in special fullrange mode.
Extra woofers are kicking on side.
Fullrange drivers utilize special cellulose membrane, specially processed in Japan.
Woofers diaphragms are stiff carbon types motorized by powerfull magnets.
Super-twitter add some extra air to the music.
Cabinet’s finish can be custom ordered, from glossy red, to dry grey plus veneer of any
Tell us what you need.
Broadband Sound Concept:
Mid-low, medium and treble frequencies go through full range double speaker system
with linear characteristic, giving sound source so desired cohesion and neutrality. In
practice this provides a precise and spatially-arranged musical spectrum.
Double Loudspeaker Concept:
In the KETSUS instrument power is distributed into two woofers – the main effect being
two times higher output & reduced distortions.
The box in Ketsus is a multiple-reinforced casing, featuring a diagonal inner partition to
prevent unnecessary acoustic reverberations. The fullrange speaker and woofer units
have been adapted for separate encloasures: closed and bass-reflex type.
The cabinet structure is bulid from 20mm to 40mm panels with strong internal bracings.
Additionally different wall connecting system for front and rear panels has been
developed to minimize the box resonances. In KETSUS perfect damping process goes
into four ways : wool blocks, bitumen mats, pyramid foam and low density damping
How about my room?
KETSUS are best suited for 18 to 60 sqm rooms. The lateral subwoofers in the left and
right KETSUS speakers should be positioned on the system’s inside or outside –
dependant on your room’s acoustics. The front panels should be exactly directed at the
listener’s head.

frequency response: 32 Hz – 25 kHz (- 6 dB)
37 Hz – 22 kHz (- 3 dB)
impedance: 4 ohm
power rating:
– nominal: 150 watt
– short term: 200 watt
effeciency: 91 dB
total mass: app. 28 kg/item
measurements (hight, width, de


Eryk S Classic Line gets all the best solutions from the 70-ties style and way of engineering. Big Alnico magnets, classic in shape boxes, huge woofers and good old paper membranes. The best recipe for warm, strong and natural sound

 Tech talk: – 120/200 Watts of power 

– 91dB efficiency 

– 34Hz-22kHz bandwidth 

– 45/32/75cm dimensions –

 34kg (each) weight

The unique NUVO instrument combines state-of-the-art technology with top-class precision
and novatory engineering.
NUVO is an instrument for quality lovers and all for whom music is a way of life.
Our model offers true high fidelity, high reproduction dynamics and scope going hand in
hand with acoustic precision to produce a unique tri-dimensional sound effect.
The NUVO instrument is a two-way speaker system, which works in bass-reflex mode.
Despite their small dimensions the speakers have a considerable bandwidth ranging from
lowest bass to treble tones far beyond human reach.

frequency response: 39 Hz – 42 kHz (- 6 db)
45 Hz – 40 kHz (- 3 db)
impedance: 8 ohm
power rating:
– nominal: 75 watts
– short term: 150 watts
effeciency: 85 dB
total mass: app. 17,5 kg/item
measurements (hight, width, depth): 37cm x 18cm x 41cm
– the depth is exclusive of grill



Our SUPERIORO are based on super fullrange speaker, which has special paper membrane and
very long linear excursion. This speaker gives rich bass and has very high efficiency.
We call it most innovative concept:
– elegant & modern in appeal,
– innovative design
– nicely priced,
– desktop / portable with hi-end drivers,
If you want to hear stereo sound in three-dimensional aura, then this is the speaker you have
searched for.
Don’t they resamble scandinavian ergonomics and perfect japan design patterns? All this built
with benchmark solutions developed by Eryk S Concept.
With SUPERIORO you get 100% custom ideas – just choose from our art gallery here
Don’t be fooled by the small look, because SUPERIORO uses top-tech fullrange speaker
available today. The speaker covers whole music area with minimum linear distortion
(40Hz-20kHz / -6dB)***. The 30Watts of music power and very high efficiency should be more
then one can imagine from a box 11x28x28cm in size.
*** The speaker’s membrane is made from japanese cellulose, weighting only 1 gram – you get
super fast response. Every detail hidden in the flow of music is fully projected even with loud
impact if desired.
The Superioro is a rear bass-reflex design. Its cabinet has been additionally dampened with two
types of acoustic materials.
After 20 years of research in home audio industry Eryk S strongly recommends choosing this
path: ” Go simple & direct, but give each element perfect shape – that way only you will reveal
all great effects stacked in music formula.”

music Power: 30Watts
impedance: 4 ohm
efficiency: 87dB
bandwidth: 40Hz – 24kHz
measurements (hight, width, depth): 28cm x 11cm x 28cm
weight: 6,5 kg