Audio Restomod Cars

Why cars? Why even bother with restomod & custom car audio?
We love speed, acceleration, fun on the road, joyfull days when sun is shining, people are smiling seeing our classic cars.
Eryk S Concept Studio aka “Sir Lans a Lot” workshop has been created after clients demand to have top quality custom audio sound system designed in unvisible way in their youngtimer cars, Toyota Supra, Porsche, Fiats for example.
We do not take ready to fit car audio parts form the shelf – all speakers and D-class ampifiers are tailored to each car’s specific acoustical properties. We ususalluy install from ten to even twenty speakers, which are hidden, do not disrupt cars’ interior at all.
Also we can birng some fresh restomod ideas as you can spot in our photo gallery for small and tiny Fiats or other beloved car models.
Even Fiat 500, 126 seems as the pefect example for us to equippe it with great sound. We do it thoroughly first full dissasembling interior, providing precise dampening, speaker drivers carefull selection and amp type configuration.
We do not apply any DSP or other artifical sound improvements, only pure STEREO approach! Simple and direct audio path is the way to yeld every detail hidden in your favorite track.